The Work Christmas Party

Cager Johnson
6 min readJan 14, 2024
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MKH is an experienced yoga teacher with classes at several studios in our hometown. Over the holidays, we were invited to a bowling party by the owner of her favorite studio, Lisa and Adam. Lisa was a businesswoman who loved yoga. She had multiple interests business wise, the studio was just one. Adam is a dedicated practitioner/student/teacher and has the body to prove it. He’s already a handsome man but yoga has given him the body of a god. The fact he maintains a hairless torso to accentuate his chiseled body draws a lot of students to his class for eye candy alone.

When we arrived at the bowling alley MKH asked, “How long has it been since you last came?” “It’s been two weeks today, my love.” She purred, “You usually get pretty horny by now, if you’re good during the party, I might let you out to play.” I smiled hopefully and prepared myself to hang out with some yogis and bowl.

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Lisa and Adam greeted us at the door and steered us to our lanes. We ended up with a couple of teachers who had come alone. The appetizers were great and I was enjoying my last drink for the night. Adam wandered over to see how everyone was doing. As he shook my hand he noticed the bracelet I wear. When MKH agreed to become my key holder, she gave me a simple permanent bracelet joined with chain ring. “That’s an interesting bracelet,” he said. I stammered some nonsense so that I didn’t have to explain, but Adam sat there and let me squirm before he moved on and sat next to MKH and whispered something in her ear as they both looked at me. She raised her eyebrow and whispered something back. Adam smiled, said farewell to all of us and walked off.

MKH came and sat next to me. She began whispering in my ear, “Baby, Adam’s girlfriend has been out of the country for the last two weeks, and he hates to masturbate. He feels like it wastes his chi and strength. I know you can empathize, two weeks is a long time. Anyway, he doesn’t want to cheat, and noticed your slave bracelet. He asked me if he could use you…I said yes. So I want you to go in the restroom to the handicap stall and do whatever Adam asks. If you’re good…” As she said all this, she fingered the key she wore around her neck. I nodded in agreement and started to get up. She took my chin and gave me a kiss, “Make me proud, baby.”

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I stepped into the handicap stall to Adam standing there. “Hey, I’m sorry but I saw your bracelet and thought this would be a good opportunity. I love dominating a submissive man.” He raised up his shirt to show his abs and chest, and exposed the waistband of his joggers. “I want you to suck my cock, boy.” I didn’t want to show it but I very much wanted to put my mouth on his body. I stepped to him and started to kiss and suck his nipples; I heard him suck in his breath as his nipples hardened in my mouth.

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I reached down into his joggers to find that Adam is well endowed and uncut. If I had to guess, his cock is eight and half inches, and very thick. My hand just barely wrapped around it and only covered half. I pulled his joggers down to his knees and guided the head of his cock to my mouth. I used my lips and tongue to tease the head till it had swollen to full size. I started to take in more and more of his cock then alternated between teasing the head and deep throating his entire cock. I heard his groans reverberate off the tile in the empty restroom and hoped we wouldn’t be disturbed till I could bring him to orgasm.

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“Oh, fuck…you’re so fucking good…I’mgoingtoCUM!!!” Adam blew his load into my mouth. I was amazed at how much he ejaculated and wondered if my own orgasm would be so strong. Adam sat for a moment and caught his breath as I sat in front of him swallowing his cum. He stroked his cock and drained the cum still in his cock into his hand. “I want you to pull down your pants and spread your legs.” I hesitated at first because I was wearing my cockcage before accepting that at this point, it didn’t matter. I did as I was told and braced myself against the wall.

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Adam spit into his hand and began to work the cum/saliva mix into my ass. I squirmed as his fingers worked into me getting me ready for what’s next. Then I felt the head of his cock press against my anus; it took my breath away…then his head slipped past my sphincter. He stood there as my ass adjusted to his thickness and began to fondle my caged cock and balls. I involuntarily groaned at the cocktail of sensations, then he shoved his entire cock inside me. “Ohhhhhhh…you’re so fucking big,” I unexpectedly shouted, the echo coming back to me and reminding me where I was. Then he began to slide his cock back and forth, rubbing the head against my prostate which made see stars as my own cock struggled against my cage. We found a rhythm and Adam put his hands on my shoulders to pull me onto his cock. After several minutes of being absolutely railed Adam whispered, “I’m going to fill you with my cum. You’re going to hold it inside you because my cum is gift, and you’re not going to waste it. Ok, boy?” “Yes, Sir” I replied, acknowledging his dominance over me. “And the next time Amy is out of town, I’ll let MKH know so I can use you.” “Yes Sir, I’ll look forward to it.” He hammered my ass with slow steady thrusts till I felt his huge cock convulsing inside me, hot cum shooting into me. Adam pulled out and tucked in his huge cock before telling me to wait five minutes after he left before leaving the bathroom. I sat with the taste of his cum in my mouth and an assful of his second orgasm.

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I walked out and sat next to MKH. She kissed me and smiled, “Adam said that you’re as good as Amy at sucking cock. Who knew? He was also impressed at how easily you took his cock too. I knew you could do it, baby. You’re such a good boy and make me so proud. When we get home, I’m going to let you worship my body, especially my pussy before I fuck you. If you want, I’ll fuck you till you cum in your cage since you were so good tonight.” “Thank you, babe.”



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