That was Embarrassing , my Wife’s bestfriend finds out about our relationship

Cager Johnson
6 min readFeb 21, 2024
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Since I’ve been between jobs, I’ve been home more to run the household and cater to MKH as she works on an advanced degree. A condition is that, of course, I need to be locked in my cock cage at all times. In addition to that, I am to keep my body groomed in the way MKH prefers (shaved legs, pits and pubes; toenails polished) and wear panties and dresses when I’m home. I’m allowed to wear stockings or leg warmers. I’m also required to wear a butt plug for at least 30 minutes a day so that I’m always ready for anal play.

Today I was wearing my clingy red sleeveless slip-on dress, pink panties and black thigh-high leg warmers with flip flops. I had lots of work to do around the house after showering, shaving and touching up my nails. I picked out a podcast to listen to and put on my headphones before taking on the kitchen. I decided to make my chores a little more fun by wearing my butt plug (remote-controlled vibrations) while I worked. After MKH checked my cage and pinched my nipples, she said, “Make sure to do a good job, don’t disappoint me.” Then she kissed me and left for class. I went back to the kitchen to clean and began my podcast about how to be a better submissive to my dominant.

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About 20 minutes later, I sensed a change in the air and looked up to see MKH’s best friend, Allie, standing in the doorway of our house watching me. I didn’t know what to do because the cross dressing was a new element in our female led relationship, to the best of my knowledge no one knew about it. “MKH, gave me the key code and asked me to drop in on you. She didn’t tell me about all of this,” she said as she looked me over. Allie walked into the house and sat on the couch. She asked, “Would you mind getting me a coffee with light milk, no sugar?” “Yes, ma’am,” I said.

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Our house is an open floor plan, and Allie was able to watch me as I ground the beans and brewed the coffee. While I was working on the coffee, I got a text from MKH. It said {hey, Allie is in town for a quick visit. I asked her to stop by the house to check on you and to get anything she wants before she hits the road😘} I walked back and put down the coffee then I got on my knees in front of Allie.

Allie is about 5’ 5” with beautiful blue eyes, dark hair and a gorgeous body. She was wearing a loose slip-on shirt dress. Whenever we’ve interacted, she has always taken a dominant posture with me…I like that.

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Allie took a sip of coffee. She asked, “Are you wearing your butt plug?” She knew the answer. “Yes, ma’am,” I said sheepishly. I was humiliated, paraded in front of MKH’s friend in women’s clothes, and admitting that I was wearing a butt plug made me feel ashamed. “Well, give me the remote. I want to see the butt plug and your cock cage.” I did as I was told.

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The butt plug has a vibrating and a thrusting motion, both can be controlled remotely. Allie turned me around and bent me over before she held my balls and inspected my cock cage.

She smirked then said, “Sorry, MKH didn’t give me the key to your cage…but I don’t want your cock.” She slipped her hand up my dress from behind and under my panties then gave my balls a firm squeeze taking my breath away. She lay back and sipped her coffee and slipped her feet out of her shoes, a pair of low heels. “Mindy (MKH’s sissy name for me), I want you to worship my feet with your lips and tongue. “Yes, ma’am,” I said as I took her left foot in my hand and raised it to my lips. I kissed the pads of each of her well-manicured toes, painted with a pinkish polish. I began to take each one her toes into my mouth individually, licking and sucking, working my way to her big toe. I looked into her eyes to see pure joy, a smile spreading across her face. Then I felt the butt plug begin to vibrate. I stayed focused and took Allie’s big toe into my mouth, fellating it like a cock. Allie cycled through a few vibrations before hitting a pattern that had me moaning then the plug began to thrust. I gulped, nearly gagging on her toe like it was a huge cock and looked up to see Allie beaming. “Looks like you like that, should I find a thrusting pattern you like?” Without waiting for an answer, Allie cycled through to the next pattern and the next…OH.SHIT! The vibration and thrust were hitting my prostate and making my balls ache for release. I moved to Allie’s right foot and began to pamper each toe while moaning as Allie tortured me with the butt plug. The scent of her salty sweat on her foot was intoxicating. I was fellating her other big toe when I noticed I could see her beautiful pussy under her dress. I began to kiss her ankle and calf when I began having an orgasm. I could feel it building up and see the precum dripping from my panties. Then she turned the plug off, I began to whimper, “Please, Miss Allie…please let me cum.” She finished her coffee, slipped her shoes on and smoothed her dress. “I better hit the road; I hate the traffic on 95N…good to see you again, Mindy. Thank you for the coffee.

I walked her to the door where she reached under my dress and squeezed my panty clad balls. She kissed me on the cheek and said, “Next time, we’ll have to hang out when I have more time. Have fun.”

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I watched as she pulled off in her convertible, my balls aching, cock dripping and mind reeling. I refocused and set back to finishing my chores. My phone alerted me to a text from MKH {how’d it go??😈}



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